The System is running in low-graphics mode – VMware Workstation


During a reboot on Ubuntu 16.04.3, I got this error message.


The System is running in low-graphics mode
Your screen, graphics card, and input device settings

could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself.


This error message, was misleading since you do not have to configure these things yourself.




Step # 1


On the error message, click on the OK button.


Next, you will see a new dialog box:


What would you like to do?

1)      Try running with the default graphical mode

2)      Reconfigure graphics

3)      Troubleshoot the error

4)      Exit to console login


Do not do any of these options.


You need to perform this keyboard combination.


Ctrl + Alt + F1


Now, you will need to login:

When prompted for your password, enter it.


Step # 2


sudo apt-get update


Then, run this command


sudo apt-get upgrade


Lastly, you will need to reboot, then once the reboot has completed.


You should be good to go!