VMware vSphere ESXi Host has an Alarm, reporting Host IPMI System Event Log Status.


You are getting a Host IPMI System Event Log Status Alarm on an ESXi/ESX Host.


To clear the log and reset the sensors:

Step # 1

In the vCenter Inventory, select the ESXi/ESX host that has this Alert

Step # 2

Click the Alarms tab, to verify that this ESXi/ESX host does in fact have the Alert.

Step # 3

Click the Hardware Status tab.

Step # 4

Click on the drop down button with Sensors and switch it to System event log.


Step # 5

Click on Reset event log.


You will now see that you are Resetting System event log


Step # 6

Click Reset Sensors to reset the host sensors.

Step # 7

You should now see this message.


Or if you Update your view you might see this message.


You should now have a cleared System Event Log File.

Step # 9

You will now need to Acknowledge Alarm and Clear.

You are finally done!